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Project Type: Digital Content Creation

Focus: Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Experiential Marketing, Video, Graphic Design

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I currently work at Warner Music Group in their University Marketing Division creating digital content to promote emerging artists at the label. My work focuses on creating digital marketing content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. At the university level, I am responsible for leading specific tour marketing campaigns and coordinating with marketing reps across the country to ensure a cohesive brand image. My work also covers local marketing initiatives to boost new artists engagement in the midwest region.

Working for Warner Music Group has taught me to work independently, be communicative with team members, and find creative ways to display content. Through generating digital content at both a national and local level, I can see the direct impact it has on listeners and artists alike. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a song on the radio or having a friend enjoy an artist you helped to promote. Being able to creatively express myself through a musical lens has been an absolute dream!

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Role: Digital Content Creator

Team: Warner Music U

Timeline: 2017-Present

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