Salty Sweet

Spicing up your kitchen with a digital sous-chef


Project Type: Personal Project

Focus: Concept Development, Product Design, Project Management, Prototyping, Business Strategy

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The Challenge:
Driven from our own frustrations with finding inspiration in the kitchen and always having excess food waste, Salty Sweet sets outs to solve why going to the grocery store, understanding your pantry inventory, and finding new recipes are all disjointed and separate experiences. Our goal was to find a way to provide a more enjoyable and seamless cooking experience where the grocery store, pantry, and cooking process all communicate with one another to deliver an end-to-end meal experience.

Salty Sweet is a speculative project that reimagines our relationship with the grocery store, our pantry, and the cooking experience. Through a pinch of UX Research and a tablespoon of product design, we were able to cook up an amazing consumer facing digital product that leverages a SaaS business model and AI to cater specific recipes to your cooking needs. With thousands of personalized recipes at your fingertips, it helps you find the right meal for whatever your heart desires. Upon finding that perfect mouthwatering dish, Salty Sweet goes one step further and makes sure we set you up for success with a shopping list for that meal. Create your own cookbooks full of your favorite meals, share with the greater cooking community, and preheat that oven to 450 Fahrenheit. No need to be salty with a cooking experience so sweet!

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Role: Concept Development, Design, Prototyping, Business Strategy

Collaborators: Dominique Roitman

Timeline: 6 Weeks

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