Rocket Software

Providing developer autonomy through easy object creation


Role: UX Design Intern

Focus: Concept Development, Enterprise Design, Design System, UX Design, Prototyping

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Rocket Software is an international software company and major IBM partner that specializes in enterprise system software and database management tools. This past summer I had the privilege of interning as a user experience design intern for Rocket where I built a tool to help software developers in DB2 databases. This project is currently under NDA, please reach out to me directly to learn more.

Specific Tasks

  • Designed a tool to aid software developers make new objects in DB2 databases, decreasing creation time by over 80%
  • Captured and outlined customer needs, product scenarios, user stories, and stakeholder feedback to define product specifications
  • Wrote the product spec, creating a unified vision of the product's purpose and outlining product success metrics for the development, sales, and design team
  • Conducted multiple usability tests with internal Rocketeers and consulted with IBM Champion developers to ensure technical feasibility
  • Conducted a competitive analysis and worked closely with sales to understand market potential, leading to a more customer-centered product

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Team: Rocket Software UX Team, Engineering

Timeline: 10 weeks

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