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Project Type: Personal

Focus: Concept Development, Product Design, Prototyping

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We currently live in a time where if something does not catch our attention instantly, we move on. With one click, a user can skip a song without even thinking. More than 50% of listeners won’t listen to a song in its entirety and this statistic only goes up with younger demographics. 

Artists create music with the intention of expressing complex feelings and cultural discourse to their listeners. When consumers skip a song they are missing the integral meaning the artist is trying to express. Artists have been forced to adjust to dwindling attention span and develop strategies to keep listeners participating. Music is no longer able to achieve its full potential as consumers are no longer willing to engage with the entirety of a track. Artists should be able to create music on their own terms. Monetization and consumer desire should be secondary to the complex meaning an artist is trying to express. With the advent of streaming, we have allowed listeners to control the narrative when, in reality, artists should be the ones dictating the way music is consumed. We have forgotten the purpose of music.


Curate is an auditory gallery that focuses on bringing artistry back into the music industry. Curate allows artists to share music on their own terms and ensure listeners consume music the way it was intended. We want our listeners to fully embrace the art, enabling music to change our lives as only it can.

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Role: Concept Development, Design, Prototyping

Collaborators: Solo Project

Timeline: 2 Weeks

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